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3.1. About the programmer’s model

The following applies to the registers used in the PrimeCell SMC:

  • The base addresses for the PrimeCell SMC bank configuration registers and memory banks can be configured to suit each particular system implementation.

  • The base addresses must be configured by constant definitions in the Hardware Description Language (HDL) code for the AMBA address decoder.

  • The base addresses are not software-programmable. The PrimeCell SMC registers and memory banks have fixed address offsets from the base addresses described above.

  • Reserved or unused address locations must not be accessed because this can result in unpredictable behavior of the device.

  • Reserved or unused bits of registers must be written as zero, and ignored on read unless otherwise stated in the relevant text.

  • All register bits are reset to a logic 0 by a system or power-on reset unless otherwise stated in the relevant text.

  • All registers support read and write accesses unless otherwise stated in the relevant text. A write updates the contents of a register and a read returns the contents of the register.

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