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2.1. ARM PrimeCell SMC overview

The SMC is an AMBA AHB slave module that provides an interface between an AMBA AHB system bus and external (off-chip) memory devices.

The PrimeCell SMC provides support for up to eight independently configurable memory banks simultaneously. Each memory bank is capable of supporting:

  • SRAM

  • ROM

  • flash EPROM

  • burst ROM memory.

You can configure each memory bank to use either 8, 16, or 32-bit external memory data paths. The PrimeCell SMC can be configured to support either little-endian or big-endian operation.

The PrimeCell SMC memory banks can be configured to support:

  • nonburst read and write accesses to high-speed CMOS Static RAM, for example Samsung KM681002A and K6R1016C1C, and Intel 28F800C3

  • nonburst write accesses, nonburst read accesses, and asynchronous page mode read accesses to fast-boot block flash memory, for example Intel 28F800F3 and 28F128J3A

  • asynchronous page mode read accesses to ROM, for example Samsung K3P5V(U)2000D-SC and K3P6C2000B-SC.

Support is provided for connecting an additional AHB asynchronous memory controller to external memory, to pass the address, data and data enable lines to the external bus. A simple request and grant protocol is used to control the current driver of the external bus. Use of a synchronous memory controller is also supported, but this requires the use of a suitable external bus multiplexor. See Using the SMC with an external bus multiplexor or SDRAM controller for more details.

Figure 2.1 shows a block diagram of the PrimeCell SMC.

Figure 2.1. PrimeCell SMC block diagram

Figure 2.1. PrimeCell SMC block diagram

The three main sub-blocks in the PrimeCell SMC design are:

SMC core

Performs read and write accesses to external memory through the AMBA AHB slave interface.

Test interface controller

The TIC is used during testing to read external test vectors and apply them to the system through the AMBA AHB master interface.

Data bus interface

The data bus interface selects either the memory controller, the TIC, or the additional memory controller as the current user of the external data bus.

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