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8.9. AHB-Lite

AHB-Lite is a subset of the full AHB specification for use in designs where only a single bus master is used. This can either be a simple single-master system, or a multi-layer AHB-Lite system where there is only one AHB master per layer.

Figure 8.6 shows a block diagram of a single-master system.

Figure 8.6. AHB-Lite single-master system

Figure 8.6. AHB-Lite single-master system

AHB-Lite simplifies the AHB specification by removing the protocol required for multiple bus masters, which includes the Request or Grant protocol to the arbiter and the Split or Retry responses from slaves.

Masters designed to the AHB-Lite interface specification are significantly simpler in terms of interface design, than a full AHB master. AHB-Lite enables faster design and verification of these masters, and you can add a standard off-the-shelf bus mastering wrapper to convert an AHB-Lite master for use in a full AHB system.

Any master that is already designed to the full AHB specification can be used in an AHB-Lite system with no modification.

The majority of AHB slaves can be used interchangeably in either an AHB or AHB-Lite system. This is because AHB slaves that do not use either the Split or Retry response are automatically compatible with both the full AHB and the AHB-Lite specification. It is only existing AHB slaves that do use Split or Retry responses that require you to use an additional standard off-the-shelf wrapper in your AHB-Lite system.

Any slave designed for use in an AHB-Lite system works in both a full AHB and an AHB-Lite design.

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