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6.2.5. Supersections

In addition to the ARMv6 page types, ARM1136JF-S processors support 16MB pages, which are known as supersections. These are designed for mapping large expanses of the memory map in a single TLB entry.

Supersections are defined using a first level descriptor in the page tables, similar to the way a Section is defined. Because each first level page table entry covers a 1MB region of virtual memory, the 16MB supersections require that 16 identical copies of the first level descriptor of the supersection exist in the first level page table.

Every supersection is defined to have its Domain as 0.

Supersections can be specified regardless of whether subpages are enabled or not, as controlled by the CP15 Control Register XP bit (bit 23). The page table formats of supersections are shown in Figure 6.6 and Figure 6.10.

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