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1.8.2. Thumb instruction set summary

The Thumb instruction set summary is given in Table 1.15.

Thumb instruction set summary
Operation Assembler
MoveImmediate, update flagsMOV <Rd>, #<immed_8>
LowReg to LowReg, update flagsMOV <Rd>, <Rm>
HighReg to LowRegMOV <Rd>, <Rm>
LowReg to HighRegMOV <Rd>, <Rm>
HighReg to HighRegMOV <Rd>, <Rm>
ArithmeticAddADD <Rd>, <Rn>, #<immed_3>
Add immediateADD <Rd>, #<immed_8>
Add LowReg and LowReg, update flagsADD <Rd>, <Rn>, <Rm>
Add HighReg to LowRegADD <Rd>, <Rm>
Add LowReg to HighRegADD <Rd>, <Rm>
Add HighReg to HighRegADD <Rd>, <Rm>
Add immediate to PCADD <Rd>, PC, #<immed_8*4>
Add immediate to SPADD <Rd>, SP, #<immed_8*4>
Add immediate to SP

ADD SP, #<immed_7*4>

ADD SP, SP, #<immed_7*4>

Add with carryADC <Rd>, <Rs>
Subtract immediateSUB <Rd>, <Rn>, #<immed_3>
Subtract immediateSUB <Rd>, #<immed_8>
SubtractSUB <Rd>, <Rn>, <Rm>
Subtract immediateSUB SP, #<immed_8>
Subtract immediate from SPSUB <Rd>, #<immed_7*4>
Subtract with carrySBC <Rd>, <Rm>
NegateNEG <Rd>, <Rm>
MultiplyMUL <Rd>, <Rm>
CompareCompare immediateCMP <Rn>, #<immed_8>
Compare LowReg and LowReg, update flagsCMP <Rn>, <Rm>
Compare LowReg and HighRegCMP <Rn>, <Rm>
Compare HighReg and LowRegCMP <Rn>, <Rm>
Compare HighReg and HighRegCMP <Rn>, <Rm>
Compare negativeCMN <Rn>, <Rm>
LogicalANDAND <Rd>, <Rm>
XOREOR <Rd>, <Rm>
ORORR <Rd>, <Rm>
Bit clearBIC <Rd>, <Rm>
Move NOTMVN <Rd>, <Rm>
Test bitsTST <Rd>, <Rm>
Shift/RotateLogical shift left

LSL <Rd>, <Rm>, #<immed_5>

LSL <Rd>, <Rs>

Logical shift right

LSR <Rd>, <Rm>, #<immed_5>

LSR <Rd>, <Rs>

Arithmetic shift right

ASR <Rd>, <Rm>, #<immed_5>

ASR <Rd>, <Rs>

Rotate rightROR <Rd>, <Rs>
BranchConditionalB{cond} <label>
UnconditionalB <label>
Branch with linkBL <label>

Branch, link and exchange

BLX <label>

Branch, link and exchange

BLX <Rm>
Branch and exchangeBX <Rm>
LoadWith immediate offset-
 WordLDR <Rd>, [<Rn>, #<immed_5>]
 HalfwordLDRH <Rd>, [<Rn>, #<immed_5*2>]
 ByteLDRB <Rd>, [<Rn>, #<immed_5*4>]
With register offset-
 WordLDR <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 HalfwordLDRH <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 Signed halfwordLDRSH <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 ByteLDRB <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 Signed byteLDRSB <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 PC-relativeLDR <Rd>, [PC, #<immed_8*4>]
 SP-relativeLDR <Rd>, [SP, #<immed_8*4>]
 MultipleLDMIA <Rn>!, <reglist>
StoreWith immediate offset-
 WordSTR <Rd>, [<Rn>, #<immed_5*4>]
 HalfwordSTRH <Rd>, [<Rn>, #<immed_5*2>]
 ByteSTRB <Rd>, [<Rn>, #<immed_5>]
With register offset-
 WordSTR <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 HalfwordSTRH <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 ByteSTRB <Rd>, [<Rn>, <Rm>]
 SP-relativeSTR <Rd>, [SP, #<immed_8*4>]
 MultipleSTMIA <Rn>!, <reglist>
Push/PopPush registers onto stackPUSH <reglist>
Push LR and registers onto stackPUSH <reglist, LR>
Pop registers from stackPOP <reglist>
Pop registers and PC from stackPOP <reglist, PC>
Change stateChange processor stateCPS <effect> <iflags>
Change endiannessSETEND <endian_specifier>
Byte-reverseByte-reverse word REV <Rd>, <Rm>
Byte-reverse halfwordREV16 <Rd>, <Rm>
Byte-reverse signed halfwordREVSH <Rd>, <Rm>
Software interrupt  SWI <immed_8>
Software breakpoint  BKPT <immed_8>
Sign or zero extendSign extend 16 to 32SEXT16 <Rd>, <Rm>
Sign extend 8 to 32SEXT8 <Rd>, <Rm>
Zero extend 16 to 32UEXT16 <Rd>, <Rm>
Zero extend 8 to 32UEXT8 <Rd>, <Rm>
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