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1.4. Configurable options

Table 1.3 shows the ARM1136JF-S processor configurable options.

Configurable options
FeatureRange of options
Cache way size1KB, 2KB, 4KB, 8KB, or 16KB
TCM block size0KB, 4KB, 8KB, 16KB, 32KB, or 64KB

The number of TCM blocks and the number of TCM blocks supporting SmartCache are restricted to a minimum to reduce the impact on performance.

In addition, the form of the BIST solution for the RAM blocks in the ARM1136JF-S design is determined when the processor is implemented. For details, see the ARM1136JF-S and ARM1136J-S Implementation Guide.

Table 1.4 shows the default configuration of ARM1136JF-S processor.

ARM1136JF-S processor default configurations
FeatureDefault value
Cache way size4KB
TCM block size16KB

Included in the ARM1136JF-S processor.

The ARM1136J-S processor does not include a VFP.

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