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11.7. Multiple coprocessors

There might be more than one coprocessor attached to the core, and so some means is required for dealing with multiple coprocessors. It is important, for reasons of economy, to ensure that as little of the coprocessor interface is duplicated. In particular, the coprocessors must share the length, accept, and store data queues, which are maintained by the core.

If these queues are to be shared, only one coprocessor can use the queues at any time. This is achieved by enabling only one coprocessor to be active at any time. This is not a serious limitation because only one coprocessor is in use at any time.

Typically, a processor is driven through driver software which drives just one coprocessor. Calls to the driver software, and returns from it, ensure that there are several core instructions between the use of one coprocessor and the use of a different coprocessor.

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