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13.6.4. Behavior of the processor on debug events

This section describes how the processor behaves on debug events when not in Debug state. See Debug state for information on how the processor behaves while in Debug state.

Behavior on a debug event depends on:

Table 13-30 shows the processor behavior as a result of software debug events.

Table 13.30. Processor behavior on software debug events
DBGENDSCR[15:14]Mode selectedAction on software debug event, other than BKPT instructionAction on BKPT instruction
0bxxDebug disabledIgnoredPrefetch Abort
1b00NoneIgnoredPrefetch Abort
1b01 or b11HaltingEnters Debug stateDebug state entry
1b10MonitorDebug exception or Ignored[a]Debug state entry

[a] Prefetch Abort and Data Abort vector catch debug events are ignored. Unlinked context ID and address mismatch breakpoint debug events are ignored if the processor is running in a privileged mode.

If DBGEN is set to 1, the processor enters Debug state regardless of any debug-mode selected by DSCR[15:14] when the external debug request signal, EDBGRQ, l is activated, or the Halt DBGTAP instruction is issued.