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13.3.7. Overview of breakpoint and watchpoint registers on the ARM1136JF-S processor

A breakpoint is set using a pair of registers:

  • a Breakpoint Value Register (BVR)

  • a Breakpoint Control Register (BCR).

There are six BVRs, BVR0 to BRV5, and six BCRs, BCR0 to BCR5. Together, a BVR and the corresponding BCR make a Breakpoint Register Pair (BRP). So, for example, BVR2 and BCR2 together make up BRP2.

In a similar way, a watchpoint is set using a pair of registers:

  • a Watchpoint Value Register (WVR)

  • a Watchpoint Control Register (WCR).

There are two WVRs, WVR0 and WRV1, and two WCRs, WCR0 and WCR1. Together, a WVR and the corresponding WCR make a Watchpoint Register Pair (WRP). So, for example, WVR0 and WCR0 together make up WRP0.

Normally, the contents of a BVR are compared with the IVA bus. However, two of the BVPs are Context ID capable, meaning that the BVR contents can be compared with the CP15 Context ID Register, c13, instead of with the IVA bus. For these BVPs, values in the BCR control whether the BVR is compared with the Context ID Register or with the IVA bus.

Table 13.14 summarizes the breakpoint and watchpoint registers that are implemented in the ARM1136JF-S processor.

Table 13.14. ARM1136JF-S breakpoint and watchpoint registers
Binary addressRegister numberCP14 debug register nameAbbreviationContext ID capable?
b100b0000-b0011c64-c67Breakpoint Value Registers 0-3BVR0-3No
b0100-b0101c68-c69Breakpoint Value Registers 4-5BVR4-5Yes
b101b0000-b0011c80-c83Breakpoint Control Registers 0-3BCR0-3No
b0100-b0101c84-c85Breakpoint Control Registers 4-5BCR4-5Yes
b110b0000-b0001c96-c97Watchpoint Value Registers 0-1WVR0-1-
b111b0000-b0001c112-c113Watchpoint Control Registers 0-1WCR0-1-