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13.10.1. Data Cache writes

The problem with Data Cache writes is that, while debugging, you might want to write some instructions to memory, either some code to be debugged or a BKPT instruction. This poses coherency issues on the Instruction Cache.

In ARM1136JF-S systems, CP15 c15, the Cache Debug Control Register, enables you to use the following features:

  • You can put the processor in a state where data writes work as if the cache is enabled and every region of memory is Write-Through. This facility is accessible from both the core and the DBGTAP debugger side. See c15, Cache Debug Control Register.

  • ARMv6 architecture provides CP15 instructions for invalidating the Instruction Cache, described in c7, Cache Operations Register to ensure that, after a write, there are no out-of-date words in the Instruction Cache.