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3.3.1. c0, Main ID Register

The purpose of the Main ID Register is to return the device ID code that contains information about the processor.

The Main ID Register is:

  • in CP15 c0

  • a 32 bit read-only register

  • accessible in privileged mode only.


Before the r1p0 release, this register was called the ID Code Register.

Figure 3.9 shows the arrangement of bits in the register.

Figure 3.9. Main ID Register format

Figure 3.9. Main ID Register format

The contents of the Main ID Register depend on the specific implementation. Table 3.4 lists the bit functions of the Main ID Register.

Table 3.4. Main ID Register field descriptions
Bit rangeField name





Indicates the implementer, ARM Limited.


[23:20]Variant numberThe major revision number n of the rnpn revision status, see Product revision status.







Primary part number


Part number for ARM1136JF-S and ARM1136J-S



Revision number

The minor revision number n of the rnpn revision status, see Product revision status.


[a] Value given is for the rev1 (r1pn) releases of the ARM1136JF-S processor. For rev0 (r0pn) releases, the Variant number is 0x0.

[b] For example, for the r1p5 release of the ARM1136 processors, this value is 0x5.


If the processor encounters an Opcode_2 value corresponding to an unimplemented or reserved ID register with CRm = c0 and Opcode_1 = 0, the system control coprocessor returns the value of the Main ID Register.

Table 3.5 shows the results of attempted accesses to the Main ID Register for each mode.

Table 3.5. Results of accesses to the Main ID Register
Privileged readPrivileged writeUser read or write
Data readUndefined Instruction exceptionUndefined Instruction exception

Accessing the Main ID Register

To access the Main ID Register you read CP15 with:

  • Opcode_1 set to 0

  • CRn set to c0

  • CRm set to c0

  • Opcode_2 set to 0.

For example:

MRC p15,0,<Rd>,c0,c0,0               ; Read Main ID Register

For more information about the processor features, see c0, Core feature ID registers.