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3.3.24. c11, DMA registers overview

CP15 register c11 accesses the DMA registers. The value of the CRm field determines which register is accessed. Table 3.107 shows the values of CRm that are used to access the available DMA registers.

Table 3.107. DMA registers
DMA Identification and Status Registersc0Present, Queued, Running, or InterruptingPrivileged only, Read-only-c11, DMA Identification and Status Registers
DMA User Accessibility Registerc10Privileged only, Read/write-c11, DMA User Accessibility Register
DMA Channel Number Registerc20Read/write-c11, DMA Channel Number Register
DMA Enable Registerc3Stop, Start, or ClearWrite-onlyOne register per channelc11, DMA Enable Registers
DMA Control Registerc40Read/writeOne register per channelc11, DMA Control Registers
DMA Internal Start Address Registerc50Read/writeOne register per channelc11, DMA Internal Start Address Registers
DMA External Start Address Registerc60Read/writeOne register per channelc11, DMA External Start Address Registers
DMA Internal End Address Registerc70Read/writeOne register per channelc11, DMA Internal End Address Registers
DMA Channel Status Registerc80Read-onlyOne register per channelc11, DMA Channel Status Registers
Reserved (SBZ/UNP)c9-c14-Read/write- 
DMA Context ID Registerc150Privileged only, Read/writeOne register per channelc11, DMA Context ID Registers

The Enable, Control, Internal Start Address, External Start Address, Internal End Address, Channel Status, and Context ID registers are multiple registers, with one register of each for each channel that is implemented. The register accessed is determined by the DMA Channel Number Register, as described in c11, DMA Channel Number Register.

User Access to CP15 c11 operations

As shown in Table 3.107, most CP15 c11 operations can be executed by code while in User mode. The detailed register descriptions which follow include the results of attempted accesses for each mode.

Attempting to execute a privileged operation in User mode using CP15 c11 results in the Undefined Instruction trap being taken.