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3.3.41. c15, Count Register 0 (PMN0)

The purpose of the Count Register 0 is to count instances of the event that is specified in the Performance Monitor Control Register.

The Count Register 0:

  • is in CP15 c15

  • is a 32-bit read/write register

  • is accessible only in privileged mode

  • counts up, and can trigger an interrupt on overflow.

Count Register 0 bits[31:0] contain the count value. The reset value is 0.

Accessing Count Register 0

Table 3.143 shows the results of attempted accesses to the Count Register 0 for each mode.

Table 3.143. Results of accesses to the Count Register 0
Privileged readPrivileged writeUser read or write
Data readData writeUndefined Instruction exception

To access Count Register 0 you read or write CP15 with:

  • Opcode_1 set to 0

  • CRn set to c15

  • CRm set to c12

  • Opcode_2 set to 2.

For example:

MRC p15, 0, <Rd>, c15, c12, 2               ; Read Count Register 0
MCR p15, 0, <Rd>, c15, c12, 2               ; Write Count Register 0

Using Count Register 0

You can use Count Register 0 in conjunction with the Performance Monitor Control Register, the Cycle Count Register, and Count Register 1 to provide a variety of useful metrics that enable you to optimize system performance.

The Performance Monitor Control Register can be used to:

  • set Count Register 0 to zero

  • specify the event which increments Count Register 0

  • enable the generation of an interrupt when Count Register 0 overflows.


From release r1p0, this register is not incremented while the processor is in Halting debug-mode.