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Appendix A. Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this document, from issue B.

Table A.1. Differences between issue B and issue C
Updated list of other publications giving relevant informationARM publicationsr0p2
Updated to refer to the ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R profile architecture reference manualThroughout documentr0p2
Clarified reference to execution of conditional floating-point codeVFP9-S treatment of branch instructionsr0p2
Split double-precision float-to-integer bounce thresholds and stored results into separate tables for unsigned results and signed resultsTable 5.13 and Table 5.14r0p2
Replaced Status and control register abbreviations by cross-references to the register descriptionsVFP9-S system control and status registersr0p2
Updated value of Floating-point system ID register, FPSIDFloating-point system ID register, FPSIDr0p2

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