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12.2. About the processor VIC port

Figure 12.1 shows the VIC port and the Peripheral Interface connecting a PL192 VIC and the processor.

Figure 12.1. Connection of a VIC to the processor

Figure 12.1. Connection of a VIC to the processor


Do not be confused by the naming of the IRQADDRVSYNCEN and nVICSYNCEN signals. Although one is active HIGH and the other is active LOW they are connected to a common external synchronization disable signal. See the signal descriptions in Table 12.1 for more information.

The VIC port enables the processor to read the vector address as part of the IRQ interrupt entry. That is, the processor takes a vector address from this interface instead of using the legacy 0x00000018 or 0xFFFF0018.The VIC port does not support the reading of FIQ vector addresses.

The interrupt interface is designed to handle interrupts asserted by a controller that is clocked either synchronously or asynchronously to the processor clock. This capability ensures that the controller can be used in systems that have either a synchronous or asynchronous interface between the core clock and the AXI clock.

The VIC port consists of the signals that Table 12.1 lists.

Table 12.1. VIC port signals
Signal nameDirectionDescription
nFIQInputActive LOW fast interrupt request signal
nIRQInputActive LOW normal interrupt request signal
INTSYNCENInputIf this signal is asserted HIGH, the internal nFIQ and nIRQ synchronizers are bypassed and the interface is synchronous
IRQADDRVSYNCENInputIf this signal is asserted HIGH, the internal IRQADDRV synchronizer is bypassed and the interface is synchronous
IRQACKOutputActive HIGH IRQ acknowledge
IRQADDRVInputActive HIGH valid signal for the IRQ interrupt vector address below
IRQADDR[31:2]InputIRQ interrupt vector address. IRQADDR[31:2] holds the address of the first ARM state instruction in the IRQ handler

IRQACK is driven by the processor to indicate to an external VIC that the processor wants to read the IRQADDR input.

IRQADDRV is driven by a VIC to tell the processor that the address on the IRQADDR bus is valid and being held, and so it is safe for the processor to sample it.

IRQACK and IRQADDRV together implement a four-phase handshake between the processor and a VIC. See Timing of the VIC port for more details.