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Further reading

This section lists publications by ARM Limited, and by third parties.

ARM Limited periodically provides updates and corrections to its documentation. See for current errata sheets, addenda, and the ARM Limited Frequently Asked Questions list.

ARM publications

This manual contains information that is specific to the IPCM. Refer to the following documents for other relevant information:

  • AMBA® Specification (Rev 2.0) (ARM IHI 0011)

  • AMBA AXI Protocol Specification (ARM IHI 0022)

  • DSP Integration Specification (ARM IHI 0026)

  • Message Passing Software Integration Guide (ARM DII 0091)

  • PrimeCell Inter-Processor Communications Module Implementation Guide (ARM DII 0107).

  • PrimeCell Inter-Processor Communications Module Integration Manual (ARM DII 0108).

  • PrimeCell Vectored Interrupt Controller (PL192) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0273)

  • PrimeCell Core Identification Module (PL321) r0p0 Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0327).