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Appendix E. Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table E.1. Differences between issue E and issue F

Block versions and revisions updated for:

  • Cross Trigger Interface

  • Cross Trigger Matrix

  • Embedded Trace Buffer

  • Instrumentation Trace Macrocell

  • Serial Wire Output

  • Trace Port Interface Unit

  • AHB Access Port

  • APB Multiplexor

  • Serial Wire and JTAG Debug Port.

Table 1.1
JTAG-DP and SW-DP version fields and ARM value updated.Table 2.8
AHB-AP revision field updated.Table 2.25
Debug ROM Address Register offset and reset value updated.Table 2.28
AFVALIDS timing updated.Figure 6.2

Reset values updated for:

  • Formatter and Flush Status Register

  • Claim Tag Set Register

  • Claim Tag Clear Register.

Table 8.3
Modifying of register values clarified.Current Port Size Register, 0x004
Changing of Trace Port width clarified.Formatter and Flush Control Register, 0x304

Reset values updated for:

  • RAM Depth Register

  • ETB Status Register

  • ETB Formatter and Flush Status Register.

Table 9.4
Changed TPIU to ETB.Table 9.12
Flush assertion clarified.Flush assertion
RSTBYPASS signal deleted.Table A.1
TIHSBYPASS[7:0] description updated.Table A.2
CTMCLKEN signal added.Table A.3

Table E.2. Differences between issue F and issue G
References to ADIv5 updated to ADIv5.1.Throughout book
SW-DP block version and revision updated.Table 1.1 and Table 2.8
External debug access updated.About the Debug Access Port
SWJ-DP compliance added.About the Debug Access Port
SWD and JTAG selection mechanism updated.SWD and JTAG selection mechanism
SW-DP multi-drop support added.SW-DP multi-drop support
Value of APnDP bit changed to 0.Throughout Implementation specific registers
ROUTESEL deleted. TARGETID and DLPIDR added.Table 2.6
AP Abort Register added.AP Abort Register, ABORT
TRNCNT bit width updated.Table 2.10
Bits [3:0] in AP Select Register updated.AP Select Register, SELECT
Target Identification Register added.Target Identification Register, TARGETID (SW-DP only)
Data Link Protocol Identification Register added.Data Link Protocol Identification Register, DLPIDR (SW-DP only)
Multiplexors changed to OR gates.Figure 4.15
TODBGENGSELx[7:0] changed to TODBGENSELx[7:0].Table 4.32
ATREADY changed to AFREADYM.Table 12.15
INSTANCEID[3:0] and TARGETID[31:0] added.Table A.1
JTAG-DP changed to SWJ-DP. Clock domains and comments revised.Table B.1

Table E.3. Differences between issue G and issue H
SW-DP PARTNO value updated.Table 2.8

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