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1.1. About CoreSight ETM9

CoreSight ETM9 provides instruction trace and data trace for the CoreSight-compatible ARM9 microprocessors. It provides instruction trace and data trace for:

  • ARM926EJ-S processors

  • ARM946E-S processors

  • ARM966E-S processors

  • ARM968E-S processors.


CoreSight ETM9 does not support processors using the ARM9TDMI CPU core. This means it does not support the ARM920T and ARM922T processors. The ETM9 r2p2 macrocell must be used to provided trace for these products.

You can use the CoreSight ETM9 macrocell in two contexts:

  • Stand-alone, as the ETM9CSSingle module. You can use the ETM9CSSingle module to trace only a single ARM9 CPU at any one time, for example an ARM946E-S processor. See Chapter 4 Blocks for Stand-alone CoreSight ETM9 for information about using a stand-alone CoreSight ETM9.

  • In a CoreSight System, as the ETM9CS module. See the CoreSight Design Kit TRM for information about using CoreSight ETM9 in a CoreSight system.

Figure 1.1 shows the main functional blocks and clock domains of CoreSight ETM9.

Figure 1.1. CoreSight ETM9 functional blocks and clock domains

CoreSight ETM9 functional blocks and clock domains

See Appendix A Signals Lists for information about CoreSight ETM9 signals.

See the Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification for information about the trace protocol, and about controlling tracing using triggering and filtering resources.

Programming access to CoreSight ETM9 is through the APB interface:

  • In a CoreSight system, the APB interface connects to the Debug APB bus.

  • You program a stand-alone CoreSight ETM9 using the ETMJTAGPORT. For information about the ETMJTAGPORT see ETMJTAGPORT.

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