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3.3.32. Component identification registers

The pcell_id_[3:0] Register characteristics are:


When concatenated, these four registers return 0xB105F00D

Usage constraints

No usage constraints.


Available in all configurations of the DMC.


See the register summary in Table 3.1.

These registers can be treated conceptually as a single register that holds a 32-bit Component identification value. You can use the register for automatic BIOS configuration.

Figure 3.38 shows the register bit assignments.

Figure 3.38. pcell_id Register bit assignments

Figure 3.38. pcell_id Register bit assignments

Table 3.39 shows the register bit assignments.

Table 3.39. pcell_id Register bit assignments
pcell_id Registerpcell_id_[3:0] registers
BitsReset valueRegisterBitsDescription
[31:24]0xB1pcell_id_3[31:8]Read undefined
[7:0]Returns 0xB1
[23:16]0x05pcell_id_2[31:8]Read undefined
[7:0]Returns 0x05
[15:8]0xF0pcell_id_1[31:8]Read undefined
[7:0]Returns 0xF0
[7:0]0x0Dpcell_id_0[31:8]Read undefined
[7:0]Returns 0x0D

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