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A.1. AXI interface

For complete descriptions of AXI interface signals, see AMBA AXI Protocol Specification (ARM IHI 0022).

Table A.1 shows the AXI interface signals that have been added or that have different definitions for the Cortex-A8 processor.

AXI interface

Statically selects 64-bit or 128-bit AXI bus width:

0 = 128-bit bus width

1 = 64-bit bus width.

This pin is only sampled during reset of the processor.


AXI clock gate enable:

0 = AXI clock disabled

1 = AXI clock enabled.


The rising edge of the internal ACLK signal comes two CLK cycles after the CLK cycle in which ACLKEN is asserted. See Chapter 10 Clock, Reset, and Power Control.






Read or write cache type:

b0000 = strongly ordered

b0001 = device

b0010 = cacheable, but do not allocate

b0011 = normal noncacheable

b0100 and b0101 are reserved

b0110 = cacheable write-through, allocate on reads only

b0111 = cacheable write-back, allocate on reads only

b1000 and b1001 are reserved

b1010 = cacheable write-through, allocate on writes only

b1011 = cacheable write-back, allocate on writes only

b1100 and b1101 are reserved

b1110 = cacheable write-through, allocate on both reads and writes

b1111 = cacheable write-back, allocate on both reads and writes.

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