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8.4.4. Memory region interaction with the preload engine

If you programmed the preload engine to load data into the L2 cache RAM, the preload engine transfers data to the L2 cache RAM if the memory region type is cacheable. Table 8.2 shows the memory region types that the L2 memory system considers cacheable or noncacheable.

Cacheable and noncacheable memory region types
Memory region typeCacheable
Strongly orderedNo
Shared deviceNo
Nonshared deviceNo
Write-through, nonsharedYes
Write-through, sharedNo
Write-back, no write-allocate, nonsharedYes
Write-back, no write-allocate, sharedNo
Write-back, write-allocate, nonsharedyes
Write-back, write-allocate, sharedNo

When the preload engine encounters a noncached memory region, including at the start of the transfer, the preload engine stops the transfer and marks the transfer as complete.