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14.4.2. Configuration Code Register

The Configuration Code Register, at offset 0x004, is a 32-bit read-only register that provides information about the configuration of the ETM. Figure 14.3 shows the bit arrangement for the Configuration Code Register.

Figure 14.3. Configuration Code Register format

Figure 14.3. Configuration Code Register format

Table 14.4 shows how the bit values correspond with the Configuration Code Register functions. The Configuration Code Register has the value 0x8D294024.

Configuration Code Register bit functions


ID Register

Indicates that the ETM ID Register is present



Reserved, RAZ


Software access

Indicates that software access is supported


Trace stop/start block

Indicates that the trace start/stop block is present


Number of Context ID comparators

Specifies the number of Context ID comparators



Indicates that it is not possible to stall the processor to prevent FIFO overflow, uses data suppression instead


Number of external outputs

Specifies the number of external outputs


Number of external inputs

Specifies the number of external inputs



Indicates that the sequencer is present


Number of counters

Specifies the number of counters


Number of memory map decoders

Specifies the number of memory map decoders


Number of data comparators

Specifies the number of data comparators


Number of pairs of address comparators

Specifies the number of pairs of address comparators

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