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15.7.3. ITTRIGOUT, 0xEE8

ITTRIGOUT is a write-only register. This register controls signal outputs when bit [0] of the Integration Mode Control Register is set to 1. Figure 15.19 shows the bit arrangement of the ITTRIGOUT Register.

Figure 15.19. ITTRIGOUT Register format

Figure 15.19. ITTRIGOUT Register format

Table 15.20 shows how the bit values correspond with the ITTRIGOUT Register functions.

Table 15.20. ITTRIGOUT Register bit functions
[31:9] -Reserved, SBZ
[8:0]CTTRIGOUTSets the value of the CTTRIGOUT outputs

Each bit of the ITTRIGOUT Register corresponds to a trigger output. Table 15.21 shows how some of the bits of ITTRIGOUT are connected to other integration test registers in the processor.

Table 15.21. ITTRIGOUT connections to other integration test registers
BitsFieldConnected to Register nameAddress bit
[8] !nCTIIRQ---
[7]DBGRESTARTDebugIntegration Input Status Register, 0xEFC[11]
[6]PMUEXTIN[1]DebugIntegration Input Status Register, 0xEFC[9]
[5]PMUEXTIN[0]DebugIntegration Input Status Register, 0xEFC[8]
[4]EXTIN[3]ETMITMISCIN Register, 0xEE0[3]
[3]EXTIN[2]ETMITMISCIN Register, 0xEE0[2]
[2]EXTIN[1]ETMITMISCIN Register, 0xEE0[1]
[1]EXTIN[0]ETMITMISCIN Register, 0xEE0[0]
[0]DBGACKDebugIntegration Input Status Register, 0xEFC[10]