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15.6.4. CTI Application Trigger Clear Register, CTIAPPCLEAR

CTIAPPCLEAR is a read/write register. A write to this register clears a channel event, corresponding to the bit written to.

Figure 15.7 shows the bit arrangement of the CTIAPPCLEAR Register.

Figure 15.7. CTI Application Trigger Clear Register format

Figure 15.7. CTI Application Trigger Clear Register

Table 15.7 shows how the bit values correspond with the CTIAPPCLEAR Register functions.

Table 15.7. CTI Application Trigger Clear Register bit functions



Reserved. RAZ, SBZ.



Clears corresponding bits in the CTIAPPSET Register:

0 = no effect

1 = application trigger disabled in the CTIAPPSET Register.

There is one bit of the register for each channel.