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12.5.6. Claim Tag Set Register

Bits in the Claim Tag Set Register do not have any specific functionality. The external debugger and debug monitor set these bits to lay claims on debug resources.

Figure 12.23 shows the bit arrangement of the Claim Tag Set Register.

Figure 12.23. Claim Tag Set Register format

Figure 12.23. Claim Tag Set Register format

Table 12.38 shows how the bit values correspond wit the Claim Tag Set Register functions.

Table 12.38. Claim Tag Set Register bit functions


-Reserved. RAZ, SBZP.


Claim tags

Indicates the claim tags.

Writing 1 to a bit in this register sets that particular claim. You can read the claim status at the Claim Tag Clear Register. For example, if you write 1 to bit [3] of this register, bit [3] of the Claim Tag Clear Register is read as 1.

Writing 0 to a specific claim tag bit has no effect. This register always reads 0xFF, indicating that up to eight claims can be set.