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10.5.3. Debug APB interface

Table 10.20 shows the PMU register names and corresponding addresses on the Debug APB interface.

Table 10.20. PMU register names and Debug APB interface addresses
PMU register nameDebug APB Address
PMU event counter 0 0x000
PMU event counter 1 0x004
PMU event counter 2 0x008
PMU event counter 3 0x00C
PMU event counter 4 0x010
PMU event counter 5 0x014
pmccntr 0x07C
pmevtyper0 0x400
pmevtyper1 0x404
pmevtyper2 0x408
pmevtyper3 0x40C
pmevtyper4 0x410
pmevtyper5 0x414
pmcntenset 0xC00
pmcntenclr 0xC20
pmintenclr 0xC60
pmcr 0xE04
pmuserenr 0xE08

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