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4.3.22. CP15 c9 register summary

Table 4.21 shows the system control registers you can access when CRn is c9.

Table 4.21. c9 system control registers
0c120PMCRRW0x41093000Performance Monitor Control Register
1PMCNTENSETRW0x00000000Count Enable Set Register
2PMCNTENCLRRW0x00000000Count Enable Clear Register
3PMOVSRRW-Overflow Flag Status Register
4PMSWINCWO-Software Increment Register
5PMSELRRW0x00000000Event Counter Selection Register
c130PMCCNTRRW-Cycle Count Register
1PMXEVTYPERRW-Event Selection Register
2PMXEVCNTRRW-Performance Monitor Count Registers
c140PMUSERENRRW[a]0x00000000User Enable Register
1PMINTENSETRW0x00000000Interrupt Enable Set Register
2PMINTENCLRRW0x00000000Interrupt Enable Clear Register

[a] RO in user mode

See Chapter 11 Performance Monitoring Unit.