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8.2.1. Prefetch hint to the L2 memory interface

The Cortex-A9 processor can generate prefetch hint requests to the L2 memory controller. The prefetch hint requests are non-compliant AXI read requests generated by the Cortex-A9 processor that do not expect any data return.

You can generate prefetch hint requests to the L2 by:

  • Enabling the L2 Prefetch Hint feature, bit [1] in the ACTLR. When enabled, this feature enables the Cortex-A9 processor to automatically issue L2 prefetch hint requests when it detects regular fetch patterns on a coherent memory. This feature is only triggered in a Cortex-A9 MPCore processor, and not in a uniprocessor.

  • Programming PLE operations, when this feature is available in the Cortex-A9 processor. In this case, the PLE engine issues a series of L2 prefetch hint requests at the programmed addresses. See Chapter 9 Preload Engine.

L2 prefetch hint requests are identified by having their ARUSER[5] bit set.


No additional programming of the L2C-310 is required.