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4.2.17. Identification Registers

The Processor ID Registers are Read-Only registers that return the values stored in the Main ID and feature registers of the processor. You must use the CP15 interface to access these registers.

Table 4.16 shows the name, type, value and description that is associated with each Processor ID Register.

Table 4.16. Processor ID Registers




Product revision dependantMain ID Register


Cache Type Register
2TCMTRRO0x00000000TCM Type Register


RO-TLB Type Register
5MPIDRRO-Multiprocessor Affinity Register
6REVIDRRO-Revision ID register
c10ID_PFR0RO0x00001231Processor Feature Register 0
1ID_PFR1RO0x00000011Processor Feature Register 1
2ID_DFR0RO0x00010444Debug Feature Register 0
3ID_AFR0RO0x00000000Auxiliary Feature Register 0
4ID_MMFR0RO0x00100103Memory Model Feature Register 0
5ID_MMFR1RO0x20000000Memory Model Feature Register 1
6ID_MMFR2RO0x01230000Memory Model Feature Register 2
7ID_MMFR3RO0x00102111Memory Model Feature Register 3
c20ID_ISAR0RO0x00101111Instruction Set Attribute Register 0
1ID_ISAR1RO0x13112111Instruction Set Attribute Register 1
2ID_ISAR2RO0x21232041Instruction Set Attribute Register 2
3ID_ISAR3RO0x11112131Instruction Set Attribute Register 3
4ID_ISAR4RO0x00011142Instruction Set Attribute Register 4
1c00CCSIDRRO-Cache Size Identification Register
1CLIDRRO0x09000003Cache Level ID Register
7AIDRRO0x00000000Auxiliary ID Register
2c00CSSELRRW-Cache Size Selection Register

[a] Depends on TLBSIZE. See TLB Type Register.

See the ARM Architecture Reference Manual for more information on the Processor ID Registers.