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9.3.1. AHB-Lite master ports

The AHB-Lite master port supports AHB in AMBA v2.0. The AHB-Lite master port does not support:

  • BURST and SEQ

  • Exclusive accesses

  • Unaligned transfers.

Table 9.1 shows the other AHB-AP ports.

Other AHB-AP ports
DBGENInputEnables AHB-AP transfers if HIGH
SPIDENInput[1]Permits secure transfers to take place on the AHB-AP
nCDBGPWRDNInput[2]Indicates that the debug infrastructure is powered down
nCSOCPWRDNInputbIndicates that the system AHB interface is powered down

[1] Tied LOW.

[2] Tied HIGH.

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