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9.3.5. Packed transfers

The DAP internal interface is a 32-bit data bus. 8-bit or 16-bit transfers can be formed on AHB according to the Size field in the Control/Status Word Register at 0x00. The AddrInc field in the Control/Status Word Register enables optimized use of the DAP internal bus to reduce the number of accesses from the tools to the DAP. It indicates if the entire data word is to be used to pack more than one transfer. Address incrementing is automatically enabled if packet transfers are initiated so that multiple transfers are carried out at the sequential addresses. The size of the address increment is based on the size of the transfer.

See AHB-AP Control/Status Word Register, CSW, 0x00 for values of the AddrInc field and AHB-AP Data Read/Write Register, DRW, 0x0C for Data Read/Write Register bit values.

Examples of the transactions are:

  • For an unpacked 16-bit write to an address base of 0x2 (CSW[2:0]=b001, CSW[5:4]=b01), HWDATA[31:16] is written from bits [31:16] in the Data Read/Write Register.

  • For an unpacked 8-bit read to an address base of 0x1, (CSW[2:0]=b000, CSW[5:4]=b01), HRDATA[31:16] and HRDATA[7:0] are zeroed and HRDATA[15:8] contains read data.

  • For a packed byte write at a base address 0x2, (CSW[2:0]=b000, CSW[5:4]=b10), four write transfers are initiated, the order of data being sent is:

    • HWDATA[23:16], from DRW[23:16], to HADDR[31:0]=0x2

    • HWDATA[31:24], from DRW[31:24], to HADDR[31:0]=0x3

    • HWDATA[7:0], from DRW[7:0], to HADDR[31:0]=0x4

    • HWDATA[15:8], from DRW[15:8], to HADDR[31:0]=0x5

  • For a packed halfword reading at a base address of 0x2, (CSW[2:0]=b001, CSW[5:4]=b10), two read transfers are initiated:

    • HRDATA[31:16] is stored into DRW[31:16] from HADDR[31:0]=0x2

    • HRDATA[15:0] is stored into DRW[15:0] from HADDR[31:0]=0x4

If the current transfer is aborted or the current transfer receives an ERROR response, the AHB-AP does not complete the following packed transfers.

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