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3.2.2. Control field, MBIR[52:47]

This 6-bit control field specifies the MBIST function. Table 3.3 shows how the five LSB bits of the Control field affect the behavior of the MBIST controller.

Table 3.3. Control field encoding (five LSB bits)
Control MBIR[51:47]BehaviorDescription

Test runs to completion. If MBIR[52] is 0, sticky fail present after first failure.

bx00001Stop-on-failEnd of test on failure.
bx00011Bitmap modeEnables logging of each failure. See Bitmap mode.

MBIR[52] selects a nonsticky or sticky fail flag, MBISTRESULT[1]:

  • When MBIR[52] is set, the fail bit toggles in real time. It goes HIGH for failing comparisons and LOW for passing comparisons.


    Setting MBIR[52] can cause the fail bit to toggle at the test frequency. ARM recommends that you do not set MBIR[52], when the external pin or the ATE cannot follow the test frequency.

  • When MBIR[52] is cleared, the fail bit is sticky. It remains HIGH after the first failure until a new MBIST instruction shifts in or until the data log shifts out.