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11.1. About the Cortex-M4 TPIU

The Cortex-M4 TPIU is an optional component that acts as a bridge between the on-chip trace data from the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) and the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM), with separate IDs, to a data stream. The TPIU encapsulates IDs where required, and the data stream is then captured by a Trace Port Analyzer (TPA).

The Cortex-M4 TPIU is specially designed for low-cost debug. It is a special version of the CoreSight TPIU. Your implementation can replace the Cortex-M4 TPIU with other CoreSight components if your implementation requires the additional features of the CoreSight TPIU.

In this chapter, the term TPIU refers to the Cortex-M4 TPIU. For information about the CoreSight TPIU, see the ARM CoreSight Components Technical Reference Manual.

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