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A.1.3. Debug APB interface

Table A.3 shows the debug APB interface signals.

Table A.3. Debug APB interface signals
Signal nameTypeDescription
PCLKENDBGInputAPB clock enable.
PWRITEDBGInputPeripheral write.
PADDRDBG[11:2]InputAddress. Only word-aligned addresses are supported so bits [1:0] are assumed to be zero.
PADDRDBG31InputIndicates source of APB access. Internal accesses have this signal LOW and external accesses have this signal HIGH..
PWDATADBG[31:0]InputWrite data.
PREADYDBGOutputPeripheral ready.
PSLVERRDBG[a]OutputSlave error.
PRDATADBG[31:0]OutputRead data.

[a] This output is permanently driven LOW in the STM.