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A.1.2. AXI slave

Table A.2 shows the AXI slave signals.

Table A.2. AXI slave signals
Signal nameTypeDescription
ARIDS[AXI_ID_WIDTH-1:0]InputRead address ID
ARADDRS[31:0]InputRead address
ARLENS[3:0]InputRead address burst length
ARSIZES[2:0]InputRead address burst size
ARBURSTS[1:0]InputRead address burst type
ARLOCKS[1:0]InputRead address lock type
ARCACHES[3:0]InputRead address cache type
ARPROTS[2:0]InputRead address protection type
ARVALIDSInputRead address valid
ARREADYSOutputRead address ready
RREADYSInputRead response ready
RDATAS[31:0]OutputRead data
RRESPS[1:0]OutputRead response
RLASTSOutputRead last
RVALIDSOutputRead response valid
AWIDS[AXI_ID_WIDTH-1:0]InputWrite address ID
AWADDRS[31:0]InputWrite address address
AWLENS[3:0]InputWrite address burst length
AWSIZES[2:0]InputWrite address burst size
AWBURSTS[1:0]InputWrite address burst type
AWLOCKS[1:0]InputWrite address lock type
AWCACHES[3:0]InputWrite address cache type
AWPROTS[2:0]InputWrite address protection type
AWVALIDSInputWrite address valid
AWREADYSOutputWrite address ready
WIDS[AXI_ID_WIDTH-1:0]InputWrite data ID
WDATAS[31:0]InputWrite data
WSTRBS[3:0]InputWrite data strobes
WLASTSInputWrite last
WVALIDSInputWrite valid
WREADYSOutputWrite ready
BREADYSInputWrite response ready
BIDS[AXI_ID_WIDTH-1:0]OutputWrite response ID
BRESPS[1:0]OutputWrite response
BVALIDSOutputWrite response valid

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