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A.1.4. ATB master interface

This is the interface through which the trace data is output for collection. Connect it to ATB compliant trace collection components. Table A.4 shows the ATB master interface signals.

Table A.4. ATB master interface signals
Signal nameTypeDescription
ATVALIDMOutputA transfer is valid during this cycle. All other AT signals must be ignored if this is low.
ATBYTESM[1:0]OutputNumber of bytes on ATDATA to be captured, minus 1.
ATDATAM[31:0]OutputTrace Data.
ATIDM[6:0]OutputAn ID that uniquely identifies the source of the trace.
ATREADYMInputSlave is ready to accept data.
AFVALIDMInputATB flush request. All buffers must be flushed because trace capture is about to stop.
AFREADYMOutputATB flush acknowledge. Asserted when the buffers are flushed.

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