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B.15. ETM/ATB interface signals

Table B.49 shows the ETM/ATB interface signals for data trace. x in the signal name represents either ETM0 or ETM1.

Table B.49. ETM/ATB interface signals for data trace
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
AFREADYMDxOutputTrace deviceATB interface FIFO flush finished
AFVALIDMDxInputATB interface FIFO flush request
ATBYTESMDx[2:0]OutputSize of ATDATA
ATDATAMDx[63:0]OutputATB interface data
ATIDMDx[6:0]OutputATB interface trace source ID
ATREADYMDxInputATDATA can be accepted
ATVALIDMDxOutputATB interface data valid
SYNCREQDxInputSynchronization request from data trace sink

Table B.50 shows the ETM/ATB interface signals for instruction trace. x in the signal name represents either ETM0 or ETM1.

Table B.50. ETM/ATB interface signals for instruction trace
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
AFREADYMIxOutputTrace deviceATB interface FIFO flush finished
AFVALIDMIxInputATB interface FIFO flush request
ATBYTESMIx[1:0]OutputSize of ATDATA
ATDATAMIx[31:0]OutputATB interface data
ATIDMIx[6:0]OutputATB interface trace source ID
ATREADYMIxInputATDATA can be accepted
ATVALIDMIxOutputATB interface data valid
SYNCREQIxInputSynchronization request from instruction trace sink

Table B.51 shows the miscellaneous trace signals. x in the signal name represents either ETM0 or ETM1.

Table B.51. Miscellaneous trace signals
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
ETMACTIVExOutputTrace deviceTrace is being output.
ETMIFENx OutputPower control for ATB/ETM interface.
ETMPWRUPREQxOutputSystem power controlRequest to maintain power to ETM.
TSSIZE InputTie off

When HIGH (1), timestamp is 64 bit. When LOW (0), timestamp is 48 bit.

TSVALUE[63:0]InputTrace deviceTimestamp value.

Table B.52 shows the CTI signals.

Table B.52. CTI signals
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
CTICHIN[3:0]InputTrace deviceChannel in
CTICHOUTACK[3:0]InputChannel out acknowledge
CTICHOUT[3:0]OutputChannel out
CTICHINACK[3:0]OutputChannel in acknowledge
CIHSBYPASS[3:0]InputChannel interface HS bypass
nCTIIRQ[N:0]OutputActive-LOW interrupt from CTI