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3.4.5. Auxiliary Control Register

The TRCAUXCTLR characteristics are:


Provides additional controls for the ETM-R7.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


Available in all configurations.


See the register summary in Table 3.1 and Table 3.2.

Figure 3.6 shows the TRCAUXCTLR bit assignments.

Figure 3.6. TRCAUXCTLR bit assignments

Figure 3.6. TRCAUXCTLR bit assignments

Table 3.16 shows the TRCAUXCTLR bit assignments.

Table 3.16. TRCAUXCTLR bit assignments
[1]QFLUSHAlways respond immediately to AFREADY. No interaction with FIFO draining, even in WFI state.
[0]SYNCOFForce an overflow if synchronization is not completed when second synchronization is due.

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