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3.4.36. Resource Selection Registers 2-16

The TRCRSCTLRn characteristics are:


Controls the trace resources.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


Available in all configurations.


See the register summary in Table 3.1 and Table 3.5.

Figure 3.42 shows the TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments.

Figure 3.42. TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments

Figure 3.42. TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments

Table 3.52 shows the TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments.

Table 3.52. TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments

Inverts the result of a combined pair of resources.

This bit is only implemented on the lower register for a pair of resource selectors.


Inverts the selected resources:


Resource is not inverted.


Resource is inverted.


Selects a group of resources.


Selects one or more resources from the desired group. One bit is provided per resource from the group.

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