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3.4.13. Trace ID Register

The TRCTRACEIDR characteristics are:


Sets the trace ID on the trace bus. Controls two trace IDs, one for instruction trace and one for data trace.

Usage constraints

In a CoreSight system, writing of reserved trace ID values, 0x00 and 0x70-0x7F, is unpredictable.


Available in all configurations.


See the register summary in Table 3.1 and Table 3.2.

Figure 3.14 shows the TRCTRACEIDR bit assignments.

Figure 3.14. TRCTRACEIDR bit assignments

Figure 3.14. TRCTRACEIDR bit assignments

Table 3.24 shows the TRCTRACEIDR bit assignments.

Table 3.24. TRCTRACEIDR bit assignments

Trace ID value.When only instruction tracing is enabled, this provides the trace ID.

When data tracing is enabled, this field must be written with bit[0] set to 0. The instruction and data trace streams use adjacent trace ID values:

  • The instruction trace stream uses the trace ID {[6:1],0}.

  • The data value trace stream uses the trace ID {[6:1],1}.

When data tracing is not enabled, bit[0] can be set to any value.

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