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A.4. APB interface

Table A.4 shows the APB signals.

Table A.4. APB signals
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
PADDRDBG[11:2]InputDebug APB interconnectDebug APB Address Bus.

Originates as an output signal from the Debug Access Port (DAP):

  • PADDRDBG31 at logic 1 indicates an access from hardware (JTAG).

  • PADDRDBG31 at logic 0 indicates an access from software.

PENABLEDBGInputThe Debug APB interface is enabled for a transfer.
PSELDBGInputDebug APB slave select signal.
PREADYDBGOutputUsed to extend Debug APB transfers.
PRDATADBG[31:0]OutputDebug APB read data.
PWDATADBG[31:0]InputDebug APB write data.
PWRITEDBGInputDebug APB transfer direction: 0 = Read 1 = Write.
PSLVERRDBGOutputDebug APB error response.

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