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A.5. ATB interface

Table A.5 shows the ATB signals for instruction trace.

Table A.5. ATB signals for instruction trace
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
AFREADYMIOutputCoreSight trace systemATB interface FIFO flush finished.
AFVALIDMIInputATB interface FIFO flush request.
ATBYTESMI[1:0]OutputSize of ATDATA.
ATDATAMI[31:0]OutputATB interface data.
ATIDMI[6:0]OutputATB interface trace source ID.
ATREADYMIInputATDATA can be accepted.
ATVALIDMIOutputATB interface data valid.
SYNCREQIInputSynchronization request from instruction trace sink.

Table A.6 shows the ATB signals for data trace.

Table A.6. ATB signals for data trace
Signal nameTypeSource/destinationDescription
AFREADYMDOutputCoreSight trace systemATB interface FIFO flush finished.
AFVALIDMDInputATB interface FIFO flush request.
ATBYTESMD[2:0]OutputSize of ATDATA.
ATDATAMD[63:0]OutputATB interface data.
ATIDMD[6:0]OutputATB interface trace source ID.
ATREADYMDInputATDATA can be accepted.
ATVALIDMDOutputATB interface data valid.
SYNCREQDInputSynchronization request from data trace sink.

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