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2.4. Backwards compatibility

The ETB configuration of the CoreSight TMC is designed to support many usage models, including those supported by CoreSight ETB, with changes to the programmer’s model minimized wherever possible. This section is provided to support tools providers with upgrading support from the CoreSight ETB to the TMC in ETB configuration.

This section describes the differences in programmer’s model between the CoreSight ETB and the TMC when:

  • registers new to the TMC have their reset values

  • the TMC is configured in ETB configuration with a 32-bit ATB interface.

This section does not describe the effects of new functionality available only in the TMC. Instead, it describes the changes that are likely to be required to existing debug tools with support for the CoreSight ETB so that they can support the same features in the TMC, in Circular Buffer mode with scatter-gather operation disabled.

The following considerations are described:

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