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3.3.18. Formatter and Flush Status Register

The FFSR Register characteristics are:


Indicates the status of the Formatter and Flush request.


Present in all configurations.

Figure 3.18 shows the FFSR Register bit assignments.

Figure 3.18. FFSR Register bit assignments

Figure 3.18. FFSR Register bit assignments

Table 3.19 shows the FFSR Register bit assignments.

Table 3.19. FFSR Register bit assignments



This bit behaves in the same way as the FtEmpty bit in the STS Register, 0x00C.

The FtStopped bit is deprecated and is present in this register to support backwards-compatibility with earlier versions of the ETB.


This bit indicates whether the TMC is currently processing a flush on the ATB slave port. This bit reflects the status of the AFVALIDS output.

In the ETB or ETR configurations, the flush initiation is controlled by the flush-control bits in the FFCR Register. In the ETF configuration, the flush request could additionally be from the ATB master port.


No flush activity in progress on the ATB slave interface.


Flush in progress on the ATB slave interface.

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