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3.3.31. Integration Mode Control Register

The ITCTRL Register characteristics are:


Enables topology detection, and integration testing. For more information, see the CoreSight Architecture Specification. This register enables the component to switch from a functional mode, the default behavior, to integration mode where the inputs and outputs of the component can be directly controlled for the purpose of integration testing and topology solving.


When a device has been in integration mode, it might not function with the original behavior. After performing integration or topology detection, you must reset the system to ensure correct behavior of CoreSight and other connected system components that are affected by the integration or topology detection.

Writing to this register other than when in Disabled state results in Unpredictable behavior.


Present in all configurations.

Figure 3.31 shows the ITCTRL Register bit assignments.

Figure 3.31. ITCTRL Register bit assignments

Figure 3.31. ITCTRL Register bit assignments

Table 3.32 shows the ITCTRL Register bit assignments.

Table 3.32. ITCTRL Register bit assignments



Enables the component to switch from functional mode to integration mode or back.


Disable integration mode.


Enable integration mode.

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