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3.3.23. Integration Test ATB Master Control Register 1

The ITATBMCTR1 Register characteristics are:


Enables control of the ATIDM outputs of the TMC.

Writing to this register other than when in Disabled state and in integration mode results in Unpredictable behavior.


Present in ETF configurations only.

Figure 3.23 shows the ITATBMCTR1 Register bit assignments.

Figure 3.23. ITATBMCTR1 Register bit assignments

Figure 3.23. ITATBMCTR1 Register bit assignments

Table 3.24 shows the ITATBMCTR1 Register bit assignments.

Table 3.24. ITATBMCTR1 Register bit assignments



Control the value of ATIDM output from TMC. The value written to this field is driven on the ATIDM output of the TMC.

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