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3.3.44. Peripheral ID1 Register

The PERIPHID1 Register characteristics are:


Part of the set of Peripheral Identification registers. Contains part of the designer specific part number and part of the designer identity.


Present in all configurations.

Figure 3.44 shows the PERIPHID1 Register bit assignments.

Figure 3.44. PERIPHID1 Register bit assignments

Figure 3.44. PERIPHID1 Register bit assignments

Table 3.45 shows the PERIPHID1 Register bit assignments.

Table 3.45. PERIPHID1 Register bit assignments



Bits [3:0] of the JEDEC identity code, indicating the designer of the component and the continuation code:


Lowest four bits of the JEP106 Identity Code.


Bits [11:8] of the components part number. This is selected by the designer of the component.


Upper four bits of the Part Number (0x961).

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