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3.3.8. RAM Write Data Register

The RWD Register characteristics are:


Enables testing of Trace RAM connectivity to the TMC.

When in Disabled state, a write to this register stores data at the location pointed to by the RWP. Writes to this register when not in Disabled state are ignored.When the memory width given in the DEVID register is greater than 32-bit, multiple writes to this register must be performed together to read a full memory width of data. For example, if the memory width is 128 bits, then writes to this register must be performed four at a time. When a full memory width of data has been written, the data is written to memory and the RAM Write Pointer is incremented to the next memory word.

In ETR configuration, when the MemErr bit in the STS Register is set, writing to this register returns an error response on the APB slave interface and the write data is discarded.

Writing to this register other than when in Disabled state and in integration mode results in Unpredictable behavior.


Present in all configurations.

Figure 3.8 shows the RWD Register bit assignments.

Figure 3.8. RWD Register bit assignments

Figure 3.8. RWD Register bit assignments

Table 3.9 shows the RWD Register bit assignments.

Table 3.9. RWD Register bit assignments

Data written to this register is placed in the Trace RAM.

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