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3.2. Register summary

Table 3.1 shows the registers in base offset order.

Table 3.1. TMC register summary






0x004RSZRO, RW[a]0x00000080[b]RAM Size Register
0x00CSTSRO 0x0000000CStatus Register
0x010RRDRO-RAM Read Data Register
0x014RRPRW0x00000000RAM Read Pointer Register
0x018RWPRW0x00000000RAM Write Pointer Register
0x01CTRGRW0x00000000Trigger Counter Register
0x020CTLRW0x00000000Control Register
0x024RWDWO-RAM Write Data Register
0x028MODERW0x00000000Mode Register
0x02CLBUFLEVELRO0x00000000Latched Buffer Fill Level
0x030CBUFLEVELRO0x00000000Current Buffer Fill Level
0x034BUFWMRW0x00000000Buffer Level Water Mark
0x038RRPHIRW0x00000000RAM Read Pointer High Register
0x03CRWPHIRW0x00000000RAM Write Pointer High Register
0x110AXICTLRW0x00000000AXI Control Register
0x118DBALORW0x00000000Data Buffer Address Low Register
0x11CDBAHIRW0x00000000Data Buffer Address High Register
0x300FFSRRO0x00000002Formatter and Flush Status Register
0x304FFCRRW0x00000000Formatter and Flush Control Register
0x308PSCRRW0x00000000Periodic Synchronization Counter Register
0xED0ITATBMDATA0WO-Integration Test ATB Master Data Register 0
0xED4ITATBMCTR2RO-Integration Test ATB Master Interface Control 2 Register
0xED8ITATBMCTR1WO-Integration Test ATB Master Control Register 1
0xEDCITATBMCTR0WO-Integration Test ATB Master Interface Control 0 Register
0xEE0ITMISCOP0WO-Integration Test Miscellaneous Output Register 0
0xEE8ITTRFLINRO-Integration Test Trigger In and Flush In Register
0xEECITATBDATA0RO-Integration Test ATB Data Register 0
0xEF0ITATBCTR2WO-Integration Test ATB Control 2 Register
0xEF4ITATBCTR1RO-Integration Test ATB Control 1 Register
0xEF8ITATBCTR0RO-Integration Test ATB Control 0 Register
0xF00ITCTRLRW0x00000000Integration Mode Control Register
0xFA0CLAIMSETRW0x0000000FClaim Tag Set Register
0xFA4CLAIMCLRRW0x00000000Claim Tag Clear Register
0xFB0LARWO-Lock Access Register
0xFB4LSRRO0x00000003Lock Status Register
0xFB8AUTHSTATUSRO-Authentication Status Register
0xFC8DEVIDRO-Device Configuration Register
0xFCCDEVTYPERO-Device Type Identifier Register
0xFD0PERIPHID4RO0x00000004Peripheral ID4 Register
0xFD4PERIPHID5RO0x00000000Peripheral ID5 Register
0xFD8PERIPHID6RO0x00000000Peripheral ID6 Register
0xFDCPERIPHID7RO0x00000000Peripheral ID7 Register
0xFE0PERIPHID0RO0x00000061Peripheral ID0 Register
0xFE4PERIPHID1RO0x000000B9Peripheral ID1 Register
0xFE8PERIPHID2RO0x0000000BPeripheral ID2 Register
0xFECPERIPHID3RO0x00000000Peripheral ID3 Register
0xFF0COMPID0RO0x0000000DComponent ID0 Register
0xFF4COMPID1RO0x00000090Component ID1 Register
0xFF8COMPID2RO0x00000005Component ID2 Register
0xFFCCOMPID3RO0x000000B1Component ID3 Register

[a] RO for ETB and ETF configurations and RW for ETR configuration.

[b] Reset to zero in ETR configuration. Reflects the RAM size in ETB and ETF configurations.

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