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8.4. TPIU trace port sizes

The TPIU is configured for the largest port size permissible, 32 bits of TRACEDATA, TRACECLK, and TRACECTL.

  • TRACECLK is always exported to enable synchronization back with the data and so is not optional.

  • TRACECTL is required unless a new TPA is used that is aware of the formatter protocol which can remove extra packets used to expand data sequences. For Normal and Bypass modes, TRACECTL must be present.

  • TRACEDATA can be defined as any size up to 32 bits. For backwards compatibility and usage with ETMv3 trace capture devices, a minimum port width of 2 bits is permitted, that is, TRACEDATA[1:0].

Table 8.3 shows some typical Trace Out Port sizes.

Table 8.3. Example Trace Out Port sizes
TRACECLK presentTRACECTL presentTRACEDATA widthTotal pin countComment
YesYes32 bits [31:0]34Largest implementation
YesNo9 bits [8:0]10Extra data pin available in comparison to the typical ETM implementation.
YesYes8 bits [7:0]10Typical ETM-compatible TPA implementation.
YesYes2 bits [1:0]4Smallest implementation with typical TPAs.
YesNo1 bit [0]2Smallest implementation with a protocol-aware TPA